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Computer Systems Support
  • Network Design & Support
  • Custom Server Construction
  • Software & Hardware Upgrades
  • Application Management
  • Data Storage & Protection
  • Network Security Services
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IT Project Management
  • Hardware & Software Migrations
  • Application Development
  • Multimedia Production (DVDs, CDs, TV, Film, Print)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Disaster Planning
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Employee Training
  • Instructional Classes & Seminars
  • Lectures & Presentations
  • IT Staff Training
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Transition Management
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Technical Writing
  • FAQs, AUPs, How To Manuals
  • Product Documentation
  • Whitesheets
  • Grant Writing
  • Inventory & Assessment
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Need help brainstorming? Our experience is here for you, and we speak plain English, not Techie. Let's talk and see how we can help.

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February, 2008
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Computer Systems Support

We've worked with almost every type of computer system out there, so don't hesitate to ask us for help with something not mentioned here. We've built and supported Windows networks, Linux networks, Mac Networks, Storage Area Networks, Web Servers, Application Servers, Media Servers, Domain Controllers, Video Production Studios, Sound Studios, Home and Office Digital Theaters, etc. Our experience is extensive. Here's a list of our hardware and software support experience:

Installation & Support Services

Installation & Support Services

  • LAN/WAN Architecture (Switches, Routers, Firewalls, CAT6, etc.)
  • Custom Server & Workstation Builds
  • Printing & Imaging Subsystems
  • Machine Upgrades & Repairs
  • Wireless Networking (APs, Bridges, Bluetooth, Range Extenders)
  • Digital Studio Design & Installation (Audio/Video Recording Studios)
  • Power Protection & Disaster Recovery (UPS & Whole Building)
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Home & Office Digital Theater & Sound System Installation
  • Operating System Installations, Upgrades & Migration
    (MS, Unix, Linux, Apple)
  • State & Municipal Software Support
    (MUNIS, OPAL, Vision, CamaPro)
  • Educational Software Support
    (WinSchool, SchoolMax)
  • Financial Software Support
    (POS, Intuit, Peachtree)
  • Security Software (AntiVirus, Ad/Spy/Malware, Firewalls, etc.)
  • Database Design, Development & Migration (Pragma, FoxPro, Access)
  • Data Backup & Recovery

IT Project Management

How many times have you back-burnered a project due to lack of knowledge or skilled management? Creating a promotional DVD, developing a hardware replacement plan, re-designing a website, or migrating an antiquated database to the newest, required version are just a few of the intimidating tasks that face businesses today. We're here to help you complete tough projects by planning, managing or designing them for you. Here's a list of some of the project types we've successfully managed over the years:

  • Upgrade Cycle Management (Annual Upgrade/Replacement Plan Creation, Hardware & Software Requirements Assessment, Cost & Time Assessment, Installation & Integration of Required Hardware & Software Upgrades, Quality Assurance, Support & User Training)
  • Application Analysis, Replacement & Migration (Assess Existing Software Package, Review Alternatives, Assess Cost/Time/Impact, Install Parallel Application Environment, Migrate Data, Train, Test & Support, Switch to Live)
  • Promotional DVD Creation (Video Shoot & Edit, Audio Track Creation, Graphical & Navigational Element Design, Packaging Design, Printing, Mass Reproduction & Packaging & UPC)
  • Inter/Intranet Website Design, Development & Support (Definition of Goals, Cost/Time Assessment, Content Creation, Coding, Hosting & Maintenance)
  • Systems Security Overhaul (Define User Privileges, Secure Segmentation of Domain Data Structures, Router/Firewall Port Security, Local Rights Management, Application Rights Management, etc.)
  • Data Management & Disaster Recovery (Assess Disaster Scenarios & Plan Against, Establish Data Storage & Backup Systems, Ghosting of Servers & Workstations, Data Recovery Services

Employee Training

Keeping your workforce well trained is the key to a business' success these days. The rate at which software suites and operating systems are updated, operational policies and user interfaces revised, and hardware is replaced is astounding. Let us help you keep your employees up to date. We offer a variety of training services that reflect our real-world experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels.

  • Instructional Classes and Seminars (Software, Hardware & Concept Classes at all levels)
  • Lectures & Presentations (Board Meetings, Planning Committees, Events)
  • IT Staff Training (Strategic Project Alliance with Internal Support Staff)
  • Transition Management (Instructional Support During Software, Hardware & Environment Changes)
  • Employee Evaluation (Skills Assessment & Training Recommendations, New Employee Technical Evaluation & Verification)
  • Team Building and Institutional Identity Exercises

Technical Writing

After reading hundreds of technical manuals, assembly instructions, and "How To" manuals, not to mention having written countless proposals, system analyses, web site content, internal documentation, etc., we feel that we have a great deal of technical writing talent to offer. Take a look at some of the things we've written for clients in the past.

  • Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)
  • Grants & Proposals
  • 3-5 Year Technology Plans
  • Software and User Interface "How To" Manuals
  • Product Documentation & Specifications (Whitesheets)
  • Hardware & Software Inventories
  • Web Site Copy & FAQs
  • Product Boilerplate
  • Advertisements & TV/Video Scripts


We'd be lying if we said that this wasn't our favorite thing to do! There's nothing better than brainstorming, so if you're interested in breaking out the coffee pot, sitting down for a few intense hours and throwing every issue, concept, concern, requirement, and desire out on the table, we'll not let you down! We enjoy problem solving and creative thinking so much that we love consulting more than any other aspect of our work. Use our minds, tap into our experience and expertise; let us show you so many ways that you could improve your technological existence. We will not lead you astray!

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