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Spring/Summer 2009

A former client of ours, The Jewish Community Day School in Providence, RI, has returned to ELD and asked us to create, design, install and maintain a flagship educational IT concept for their school in a bid to redefine themselves as an educational technical leader. The advances we've proposed and the design we've created will help the school develop one of the premier educational computing environments in the state and the region, and expand their community reach throughout the nation and the world. Plans to interlink with a sister school in Israel and other day schools in the US promise to make this project an exciting one! This is the future of IT and education, and ELD is going to help JCDS to lead the way!

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Spring/Summer 2009

For Phase II of the Little Compton Schools Interlink Project ELD will be replacing all remaining outdated aspects of the school's computing systems and will begin the ongoing, comprehensive training of the school's faculty and staff. So much of the new technology that was installed in Phase I is already in use throughout the school; now we'll make sure that the remaining equipment is installed and everyone is trained to use their new gear to the fullest! When it comes to integrating technology into a curriculum, ELD's educational and teaching background make all the difference!

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March 2009

We are currently helping Homefront Health Care expand their Providence offices. They've outgrown their previous space and have new IT needs, including secure wireless access, roaming users, additional terminals and a new server room. We've begun developing a three-year upgrade/replacement plan for this remarkable non-profit that will help them escape the bonds of an outdated and difficult-to-upgrade database that's central to their survival, as well as more efficiently interconnect their five satellite offices and roaming users to their Providence hub.

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Hello World!
2009 promises to be our best year yet! We've greatly expanded our computer systems consultation, design and support services, and partnered with OpticSugar and MBK Studios to provide motion graphics and studio audio production to our repertoire. There's little we can now not do! Take some time, look around and check us out; we're far more now than we used to be! Remember, We will not lead you astray! That is our pledge to you. Call me personally if there's anything I can do for you or your organization! I won't bite! :)

David Vernaglia
ELD Founder & President
a.k.a. The Incredible Glerk of Blerk

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What exactly does Everlasting Designs do?

Simply put, we solve technology problems. Has your business network grown old and tangled? Are you terrified at the thought of designing a newer, better system that will actually do what your company needs efficiently, logically and reliably? Did your server just crash, taking all your data with it? Want it back? How about a better server while you're at it? Has your boss asked you to create a video for your company's next ad campaign, and you don't know what to do? Worried that your computer systems aren't secure or that your data is vulnerable to loss? Not sure how to check? Need help writing technology plans, AUPs, IT budgets, advertising copy or instruction manuals? Interested in installing a digital theater in your home or office space? Does your PDA freak you out? Are you a state agency or educational institution in search of reliable oustsourced systems support and training? Is your mission critical database from the dark days of 1981 and nearing death's door? Do you need some help? Do you?

Well, you're not alone. These are the kinds of problems we solve, and we do so well. We're not some pack of misanthropic uber-geeks either; we're great communicators who understand what it means to work WITH a client and FOR a client so that everybody wins and everyone is happy. If you need our help resolving ANY computer issue at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are not afraid and are here to help. Fixing, building, brainstorming, designing, filming, recording, writing and doing just about anything else technologically creative and dynamic is what we do for a living. Give us a call, and remember: We will not lead you astray!

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Computer Systems Support

Let us help you design and maintain the perfect network for your business (or re-design an antiquated one). Need a custom server? Some high- powered workstations? Faster infrastructure? Are your computers constantly crashing? Plagued by adware, spyware and malware? Security concerns? Is your data a mess? We can help!
IT Project Management

Frustrated by mandatory software/hardware upgrades? Need to inventory your equipment? Plan an upgrade and replacement cycle? Develop a data protection plan? How about power protection? Are you looking to design a new website, promtional DVD, audio CD or television spot? You've come to the right place!
Technical Writing & Employee Training

Writing technology grants? Developing an AUP, FAQ, instructional manual or other internal document? Do your employees need hands-on training in plain English? We have years of experience facilitating the integration and use of technology. Let us teach your people out of the technological stone age!

Why do we do this?

Everyone who has ever worked with Everlasting Designs knows that we love technology. We also love the people who use it, and realize that they are often frustrated with the technology that surrounds them. Things break, software stops working, new skills must be learned, design projects can be complex and overwhelming, data gets lost...crises happen. When these things happen, people often don't know where to turn. Too many computer guys in the phone book, no one who really "gets it" and can communicate a solution clearly. Too many support companies so limited in scope that they're little more than "silicon grease monkies" unable to grasp the "big picture" and service their clients' REAL needs. Band aids fall off...we offer permanent, healthy solutions.

Our motto is "We will not lead you astray." We mean this; our goal is to help you lead your business in the right direction, not take your money, waste your time and keep problems brewing. There's a world to conquer out there and we want to help you conquer it! We offer a REAL client/vendor partnership based on trust, skill and friendship, with your goals in mind. Let us work with you and see what we can achieve TOGETHER!

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