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Service Contract Clients
If you are an exisiting ELD client on a service contract, you are entitled to priority 24/7 support. Rates do increase during non-standard working hours (7 PM to 7 AM) and on holidays, vacations, etc. Use the information on this page to contact us, and remember to include your telephone number with your message!.

24/7 Support
Non Service Contract Clients
Non service contract clients are entitled to the same level of support as service contract clients, but our rates go up on the weekends as well as non-standard working hours (7 PM to 7 AM) and on holidays, vacations, etc. Additionally, priority will be given to service contract clients over non service contract clients should a conflict occur.

24/5 Support
New Clients
Give us a call during the work week so we can chat, set up a meeting time, or schedule a free consultation. If you're in a panic, let us know and we'll squeeze you in at the first available moment. Hang in there!

It's the nature of our business to be busy. Being on call and working on client projects makes for an interesting schedule to say the least! Call, text, or e-mail WILL work and we WILL respond ASAP! The most efficient method to contact us is to send us a text message (SMS).

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